We use our exclusively designed and unique products to serve our customers with comprehensive relocation services.

Agarwal Packers and Movers USP's

The hallmark for every vital development in our company is Innovation. New ideas and inventions increase our scientific knowledge and provide our workforce with a new impetus towards technical progress. We provide our customers with the best and zero-error services, making them feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire transportation process. We have established ourselves as a leading company in the field of "Packing & Moving" offering exclusive and unique USPs. All of our USP’s are as per the IEC standards and designed to provide total safety to your lovable goods.

Being an ISO 39001:2012 & ISO 9001:2015 certified organization; we strictly follow the safety and quality parameters to maintain international standards. We cover every corner of the country through our 125+ fully integrated branches covering 1264 local locations within India and more than 182 countries abroad. All branches are inter-connected to provide you complete relocation solutions conveniently.

Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. provide unparalleled and unique USP’s such as:


Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. provides unparalleled and unique USP's such as:

Trucking Cube

We have devised a very convenient way to let you hold your goods at the destination place with the help of our exclusively designed moving containers named as “Trucking Cubes”. These cubes are available in different sizes as per the volume of the consignment to be transported. Also, they are forged using durable metal from outside and are engineered to precision from inside for unmatched security. The concept of this innovative Trucking Cube was to assure zero transshipment in our operational scenario. We assure complete safety and privacy of your consignment by providing a facility of “ATAC”- ‘Apka taala, Apki Chaabi’ that is, you can secure your cube with your own lock and retain keys with you to unlock the same at the destination.

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Special LCD/LED Screen Cases (LED BOX)

We have incorporated Special LCD/LED Screen Cases in our packing material to eliminate the usage of wooden crates as a single crate requires 40-50 hammer hits to fix the nails while packing, which further leads to damages like hairline fractures to the circuits or on the consoles of LED Tv screens resulting into reduction of their lives by 50%. These specialized Cases provide double security as they are rugged from outside to protect your high-end LCD/LED from any external harm, and a thick layer of foam is embedded in the inner surface of these cases to provide a soft and cushiony effect from inside to embrace the delicate screens. Such Cases are available in various sizes to protect each of your distinctive LCDs/LED’s.

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Moving Box

We have evolved a novel concept of moving your fragile and delicate goods in a strongly structured hard plastic box that we have called the Perfect Box. These boxes have an edge over ordinary cartons as they are more robust, durable and are capable to damp shock impulses. The goods accommodated in these boxes sit snugly in it and are completely safe from external damages. The walls of the perfect box are water-resistant and its lid acts as a perfect sealing cover.

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Fabric Sheets: Excellence in Packaging

To escalate the quality of our packing materials, we have made a lot of researches and then introduced Fabric Sheets into our packing process. These specialized sheets are re-usable with embedded foam that provides cushiony contact to whatever item it covers. It creates a nestled environment, which safeguards the packed item from moisture and scratch. We make extensive use of these sheets in our packing process, which have the upper hand on corrugated rolls as these are more durable, shock-absorbent, cost-effective and water-resistant. Therefore, we are constantly refining our processes to not only meet but exceed the level of satisfaction of our customers by indulging them in a world-class move. Thus, in our endeavor, we have created this effective product which not only saves the cost by 26% but also upraises the quality by 260%.

Special Cages for Pets and Plant Carriers

We relocate your beloved pets and well-nurtured plants in a specialized way. We have dedicated a specially-designed, ventilated space for the movement of your beloved plants from one place to another that is secured with the strong fences. Also, we relocate your pet by housing it in the spacious, airy and comfortable yet safe cages, and we take care of your pets all the while by feeding them at proper intervals. These special per cages are kept in the vehicle’s cabin to look after your pets during transit.

Canvas Books Bag

We have introduced specialized and functional fabric bags to safely and gently pack your valuable books. These bags are reused extensively in the packing process, by replacing plastic bags and paper bags. In this way, we save natural resources by conserving paper and protecting the environment by eradicating the use of plastic. Not only this, these bags are much stronger and durable than other bags of the same functionality area being used to pack books, albums, toys and other items of similar nature.

Special Carrier: Relocate Home Smartly

For conquering the yearnings of our customers who use to get pestered with the difference in the time of delivery of their car and household goods, we have invested our lots of effort to provide solutions for delivering their precious car and consignment together concurrently. This Carrier is an outcome of our researched ways and is capable enough to transport your household goods and car at your end destination collectively at the budget-friendly prices.

Packing Your Religious Items- Mandir Packing

We have devised ways to pack your religious items, keeping in mind your religious sentiments. For which, we provide special training to our team of packers that includes packing your Mandir or God/ Goddess idols with special care, hands are washed before packing and a “Mandir Sticker” is pasted on the carton. Mandir items are dealt supremely in the packing list and get loaded in the last. Similarly, at the time of unpacking, this is the first carton that is opened up. The packer will wash hands, take off his shoes, wash the area where mandir is to be installed and after getting assured of maintaining the level of sanctity, all the idols are then placed in mandir with great reverence.

Car Carrier (safe & secure transportation of your valuable car)

We own more than 70+ customized car carriers, which are robust enough to move any car – sedan, hatchback, SUVs, and even a Super car. These carriers are embedded with all the safety features to install cars safely and firmly at their position. We have a variety of car carriers for local pick-ups and nationwide car transportation. For location-wise pick-ups, we make use of an open trailer that is designed in a way to safely assume the car’s installation on its platform. These carriers enable us to provide the very accomplished door-to-door pickup and delivery services right across India. With the help of these carriers, all the vehicles are brought to a hub point from where they are then loaded safely on the long distance spacious car carriers.

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Wardrobe Carton

With an aim to offer safe delivery of your exclusive apparel, we have come up with a unique and innovative concept of wardrobe carton. These are specially designed, rugged boxes that provide aid in transporting your suits, jackets, sarees and other exclusive clothes in the "ready-to-wear" condition at your end destination. These boxes are uniquely designed and crafted using quality material to safeguard your clothes. These cartons are shaped in different sizes to facilitate your precious clothes from aspects. These cartons also ensure a moisture-free environment to ensure flawless and safe delivery.


Tarpet (Carpet) Floor

It is a specialized mat flooring giving spongy effect to observe jerks and jumps to protect your valuable goods during the transit. These tarpet floorings are placed in our carriers to safeguard the base of heavy goods (Refrigerator, Almirah, Furniture, etc), keeping its alignment tranquil. Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. have always thought of their customers’ convenience in every situation. For which, we have always gone a mile to provide you the best relocation services at the best prices.


Safety Belts

We have installed safety belts in all our carriers to provide complete safety to your consignment. These safety belt harnesses provide a firm grasp to the luggage so fixated, which saves them from getting damage to cover up the Indian Road Environment. With the help of these belts, we secure heavy items to a position with the walls of our Household Carriers.

APML’s Unique Approach to Assure Hassle-Free Relocation

Our R&D Team keeps on devising the new concepts and innovations to stand on our commitment to safe transportation.

  • Our real achievements are our clients, and we make every possible effort to fulfill all the requirements given by them.
  • Team of young & enthusiastic employees working on the principles of reliability and honesty are trained from renowned Agarwal Movers Institute for Road Transport & Logistics.
  • IBA approved company and pioneers in the field of Moving & Packing industry in India.
  • Well-known and reputed brand names judged not only for speed but also for safety in packing and transportation.
  • A self-owned strong fleet of 1200 plus carriers (including car carriers and special household carriers).
  • 3000+ Trucking Cube Containers
  • Availability of ample storage space all over India for safekeeping the consignment till its delivery.
  • On-line vehicle tracking system & round-the-clock monitoring of vehicles through Central Control Room located at Mumbai.
  • Providing pre-intimation to the clients about the arrival status of their consignment well on time.
  • Parental approach in handling goods along with escorting facility to accompany high-valued consignments.
  • Various online payment options such as- credit card, debit card, net banking, etc.

Quality Control

Right from our very first day in the business, our focus has always been on quality and commitment. Our customer's feedback gives us not only their reviews about our work but also provides us a chance for improvement. Quality Control has become an integral part of the ways we think, plan and work. At Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd., we consider our customers not only as our valuable assets but also as a perfect guide for maintaining a check on the quality of our services.

Each member of our team is committed to giving his/her best, irrespective of his/her position and status in the company, understanding the importance of customers' delight. The processes involved in our services are so intricate that each member has to perform his/her best without failing to give quality results. We are happy to realize that the feedback from our clients has been very positive to date. The way our staff handles the consignments goes a long way in reassuring customers that their valuable goods are in safe hands. We have committed ourselves to give them much more than what they expect from us.

For any Enquiry related to your moving, please call: 9 300 300 300 or 098 6001 5001.

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We have established ourselves as a leading company in the field of "Packing & Moving" offering exclusive and unique USPs.

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