Revolutionary concept evolved to face logistics industry challenges

Major Challenges Faced By Indian Logistics Industry

The Indian Logistics Industry is rapidly evolving and integrating with technology and infrastructure to provide the customers with cost-effective and quality services. The industry is inclusive of both outbound and inbound segments of supply chains and manufacturing. From the last few years, the logistics infrastructure has gained a lot of attention from industry, business, and government.

However, the role of logistics infrastructure management to efficiently compete has been under-emphasized. The inefficiency of infrastructure has created a bottleneck in the economy’s growth. If we consider the long-term scenario of the industry, it has capabilities to overcome the challenges with the deployment of innovative strategies.

The Logistics sector of India has usually been driven by the aim of cutting down the cost of truck transportation that is extremely high owing to improper infrastructure. Freight movement in India is majorly carried out through roads with implications of timely delivery and damage-free transfer of goods.

Freight Transshipment

Poor road conditions result in high vehicle turnover, which reduces efficiency and increases the operating cost of the transportation company. Furthermore, this leads to freight transshipment. Picking and placing of freight during the change of vehicle or transportation mode can cause damage or loss of customer’s possessions.

Transshipment is a silent killer of the company’s reputation and quality of the product. This is why there is a need for a smart solution that will eliminate transshipment. 

Improper Storage and Warehouses

Certain goods need special storage space to maintain their efficacy and these include pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fruits and vegetables. These items get oxidized easily if they aren’t kept under defined temperature. The time-consuming process of transportation can have an adverse effect on the quality of these items, incurring losses to the owner of the goods as well as to the moving company.  Apart from the storage problem, there is a need for well-equipped warehouses at different destinations.

It is a fact that it’s impossible for a company to set a warehouse in all the locations worldwide. Owing to the shortage of warehouses, cases of freight theft are increasing day by day. 

Space Wastage

Another problem that arises during the transportation of goods is the wastage of space on the truck. According to the company, 71% of open trucks have space wastage of at least 4ft. and 20ft. at maximum.

On average, 15% of space in trucks remains unutilized that results in freight loss of 19,000 Cr. There is no solution to this problem in the industry.

Major Impacts

 Loss of Rs. 42000 Crore

Transshipment during transit

Loss of Rs. 19000 Crore

Space Wastage


Spoilage and Pilferage of Goods

Interrupted Support

Issues with Customer Services 

Inventory Holding Cost

Less inventory and short lead time


Shortage and Retention of Drivers

Environmental Concerns

Issues related to environment safety


Issues Related to Technology and Strategy


Product Safety and Reliability


No Privacy of Goods

We are targeting

100% Zero Transshipment

While resolving all the Logistical problems that are acting as barriers in the growth of the industry as well as the economy.

Trucking Cube (Container)

A Foundation for Innovation

With a vision to redefine the ways of traditional transportation system, we have formulated a distinctive concept “Trucking Cube (Container)”. Its special attributes and numerous advantages enables it to fulfill all the domestic, commercial, and industrial moving needs impeccably.

1. No covered space is required for transshipment of goods which facilitate huge savings. 

2. Less labour is required as manual loading is minimal.

3. Use of cubes has made claims payable against damages very negligible. 

Trucking Cube features differently

sized containers that can be

chosen according to the volume of the consignment to be transported. The cubes are constructed in durable metal from outside and are engineered to precision from inside for an unmatched security. 


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Trucking Cube concept is ready to face any logistics challenges

Shock Absorber Pads

Lashing Belts for proper Stacking

Developed as per ISO quality standards

A Unique Logistics Solution

An Ultimate Transformation in Surface Logistics


Trucking Cube (Container)

A Trucking Cube (Container) is your own private space to ship your goods from one place to another and that too without any transshipment. You can now choose cube as per your requirement and size of consignment from Cube (Container) Ace, Cube (Container) Pick Up, Cube (Container) 407, Cube (Container) 709, Cube (Container) 1109 to 20" ISO Container. In case of breakdown, only the cube is transshipped and not the goods as they are securely locked at origin.

For commercial business... No need to pile up your inventory, dispatch whenever you have an order in hand.....reduce inventory carrying cost.

At APML, we are committed to fulfill all logistical expectations of our clients.

No Money and Space wastage

Being specially designed container with ISO standard, Trucking Cube (Container) delivers your goods intact and dust-free by keeping them protected throughout transit from uncertain weather conditions.

Put Your Own Lock

Trucking cube (Container) assures 100% safety of goods against theft and pilferage by giving you the authority to put your own lock on the cube and keep the keys with you.

Robust Build Cubes

These sturdily developed Trucking Cubes are robust in structure and ensure smooth moving of your valuable possessions at your end destination.

Major Attributes

  • Zero Transshipment

  • Safe & Secure

  • Cost Reduction

  • Convenience

Zero Transshipment

By using traditional transportation system, Client's goods are transshiped many times during transit, which leads to several damages. Trucking Cube (Container) offers ‘no trans-shipment of goods facility’ to assure safe delivery of your consignment. In this context, if one of our transporting vehicles breaks down while transporting the clients’ possesions, then we prefer moving the entire cube from one carrier to another instead of moving your goods separately.


Safe & Secure

Accomplish reassurance about the safety of your goods, against theft, pilferage and zero transshipment by putting your personalized lock on your cube and keeping the keys with you. These cubes will be unlocked by the customers themselves at the end destination resulting into safe and secure delivery of their possesions. 


Cost Reduction

It reduces the cost by alloting you the perfect sized cube based upon the volume of your consignment to be transported. It is the efficacy of Trucking cube that helps you to save your expenses without paying any extra charges for the whole carrier. In this way, we assure safety and easy handling of goods at the budget friendly prices. 



Trucking cube is very convinient and innovative concept to transport your goods with utmost care and safety. One can easily hire these uniquely designed cubes by informing us and we will assist you to opt for the most suitable cube as per the volume of your goods.We have moved towards expansion and growth by putting our best possible efforts to ensure improved relocation services.

Chowk, Mumbai - Hub
Pick up vehicle with 6ft
Different sizes of cube moving from HUB to HUB
Cubes being unloaded at Gurgaon Hub

Benefits of Trucking Cube

  • Reduction in packaging cost by 16%
  • Zero Transshipment
  • Self lock facility
  • 24 Hours free storage facility at destination in the same cube
  • Assuring Zero pilferage and no water seepage
  • Exclusive Cubes even for part shipments
  • No leakage for air packed goods especially pharmaceutical & foods
  • Low Insurance Premium on account of zero risk
  • Safety features like Shock-absorbing Pad on Floor, Net & Safety Belts to hold the goods intact
  • Cube fitted with ACS, which avoids the deterioration of goods loaded in it specially food/pharmaceuticals


What are the impacts of Trucking Cube(Containers) in the Indian Logistics Industry? We have the answers here.......

Social Impact

This innovation has helped in reducing fuel consumption by 25% thereby leading to reduced Carbon Footprints.

National Impact

Loss due to transshipment is 42,000 Crores annually in India. These cubes will reduce it effectively.

Trucking Cubes (Container)


  • Cube Ace

    Length:4', Width:8', Height:6.5'

    Capacity(Mt):1.7', Vol.(Cft):208

  • Cube Pickup

    Length:6', Width:8', Height:7'

    Capacity(Mt):2.4', Vol.(Cft):336

  • Cube 407

    Length:8', Width:8', Height:8'

    Capacity(Mt):3.0', Vol.(Cft):512

  • Cube 709

    Length:12', Width:8', Height:8'

    Capacity(Mt):4.0', Vol.(Cft):768

  • Cube 1109

    Length:16', Width:8', Height:8'

    Capacity(Mt):5.1', Vol.(Cft):1024

  • 20' ISO Container

    Length:20', Width:8', Height:8'

    Capacity(Mt):11', Vol.(Cft):1280

Additional care with "Safety Net"
Shock absorbing Pad" on Cube's Floor
Your Cube, Your Lock, Your Key
Retain your Keys with you

Impressive Concept

Words of Experts & Clients

  • Trucking Cube (Container) has changed the whole logistics scenario. Most innovative idea for the transportation industry.
    -Bluebird Pure Pvt. Ltd.,-,Mentor & CEO
  • I am overwhelmed with the APML's Trucking cube concept, which is a revolutionary step to minimize the transshipment.
  • Transportation has never been so easy, safe and economical, thanks to
    -CEO,-,Philip Morris India
  • We really appreciate the collaboration with APML team. Your trucking cube concept is tremendous step towards improvisation in logistics domain.
    -Manager,Logistics,Godfrey Phillips India Limited
  • While Transshipment is a Silent Killer of the Reputation of the product and the company, Trucking Cube (Container) is the Permanent Killer of Transshipment.
    -Chairman,AITWA,All India Transporter's Welfare Association

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