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Agarwal Movers Group is one of the world’s leading Packers and Movers Company serving more than 19.67 lakh customers in 182 countries and territories around the world.

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In the Transportation and Logistics Sector

Agarwal Movers Group is one of the most trusted and professionally-managed groups that have been contributing a lot to the growth of the Indian economy by revolutionizing the Transportation and Logistics sector specifically. The group started its journey from the Domestic Move Management Enterprise and prospered under the perfect guidance and vision of its leaders- Shri Ramesh Agarwal and Shri Rajender Agarwal, who took great pains to take the business to peerless heights.


Agarwal Packers and Movers Limited

Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. (APML) is the most trusted and largest moving company in India. It has excelled in providing matchless services in four major areas: Packing and Moving, Transportation, Logistics, and Home Storage. It specializes in Household Move, Office Move, Corporate Move, and Internatioinal Move.

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Trucking Cube (Container)

Trucking Cube (Container), an innovation which facilitate a convenient moving procedure. Trucking Cubes are differently sized cubes and containers that can be chosen according to the volume of the consignment to be transported. The cubes are much durable and are metallic from outside and engineered to precision from inside for an unmatched security. Trucking Cube (Container) cuts down the cost of logistics to a great extent without cutting your corners at all, therefore, offers great utility. Moreover, their robust construction ensures safety and facilitate easy-handling. The main concept of Trucking Cube (Container) is to make transshipment to zero percent.

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APM Infrastructure Private Limited

APM Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., a division of Agarwal Movers Group, provides roofing and infrastructure solutions for commercial, agricultural, and industrial groups like warehouses, godowns, large sheds for agricultural commodities, swimming pools, garages, defense structures, banquet halls, and animal shelter. Its state-of-the-art and self-supported roofing structures are designed for durability, quality and safety for generations.

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APM Warehouse

A well-maintained warehouse offers complete safety of your goods. The warehouses of APM have a large storage capacity and are hygienically maintained. Well-segregated and secured, these warehouses are fully equipped to guarantee the safety of your goods. Its warehouses are built on the government approved lands that are well connected to the routes where road transportation could be made available.

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APM Highway Terminal Private Limited

APM Highway Terminal Private Limited is mainly concentrated on providing the drivers with all the facilities, respect and training that they are entitled to have. It manages institutes that train and equip the drivers with the knowledge and facts about their concerned field. The most critically acclaimed step under this division is, nonetheless, Driver Seva Kendra, which ensures the safety and security of the drivers and tries to bring down the number of accidents on the road because of sleep deprivation, by providing a guarded shelter to them where they can sleep, rest, and get themselves groomed and entertained, without having to worry anything about their responsibility in terms of goods that they carry.

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APM Air Cargo Terminal Services

APM Air Cargo Terminal services, a division of APM Infrastructure Private Ltd, makes sure that your goods are in safe hands as they are being handled with great care and responsibility. Handling your cargo in the best possible way is the specialty of the service provider as it knows the importance of your cargo and your business values too.Moreover, it handles the busiest and most prestigious Export Cargo Terminal-3 in New Delhi.

APM Integrated Logistics

APM Integrated Logistics provides an important aid to businesses that have very complex supply chains. By assuming all the roles and responsibilities for meeting all the demands and requirements of the logistics, the service provider lets you focus on the core business activities. These services save cost and time, and streamline all the operations seamlessly without having the businesses to invest much effort. In addition, the execution stage of this one-stop logistics solution is very prompt, which makes it one of the most desirable logistics service providers in India.

APM Home Storage

APM Home Storage has been recognized as one of the reliable, professional and affordable Household Storage Services that cater to the demands of someone who is in need of storing his household/office/workplace goods temporarily. These services are highly-customizable, 100% safe and economical.

APM Car Carrier/Transportation

APM Car Carrier is a high performance, safe and comprehensive car-shipping service provider. It is in the possession of more than 70 customized car carriers that are spacious and capable enough to transport any type of car- Sedan, SUV, Hatchback, or even a specialty car. These carriers are embedded with advanced features to install the vehicle at a position on the carriers safely and transport it to the destination place timely. We have two different types of car carriers based on nationwide or region-wide transportation.

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The mission of the Group has always been to evolve into the No. 1 group by offering matchless services in Transportation and Logistics domain. It has been offering a comprehensive list of services: APML Transportation, APML Domestic Moving, APML International Moving, Trucking Cube(Container), APML Home Storage, APML Car Carrier, APML Warehousing, APML High-Value Carrier, APML EXIM Cargo, APML ODC Transportation, APM Infrastructure, APM Air Terminal Management, APML Record Management, and APML Supply Chain. One of the most acclaimed services of the Group is, nonetheless, packing and moving. The well-spread network of Agarwal Movers Group across India and abroad boosts the efficiency of the operations of its divisions.

The Group has been touching many lives with its values and essence, which believe in inculcating CARE into its top-of-the-line services. It's almost three decades of experience, and business ethos form a solid foundation for the structures that the Group has been constructing since its inception. Till date, it has been successful in performing around 19.67 lakhs move. It serves all its customers by indulging them in the cost-effective and WORLD-CLASS deals.

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