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Exhibition Moves with the Experts

For an artist, the world is inherent in his paintings and pictures, kept in his studio or showcased in the art arcades and exhibition studios. Agarwal Packers recognizes it and its worth and guarantees the unsurpassed moving of these invaluable, vast and elegant art galleries and exhibitions to a new space.

APML is a prominent exhibition mover, offering a practical guide for customers willing to move their display spaces. We value every customer and their priceless connection to their creations, and thereby provide a collaborating moving experience to them by offering guided tours of the new space and also assisting them with quality packing and moving of the exhibition resources.

Exhibition move calls for extra care

Art galleries and exhibition centers house countless high-value, extra-sensitive artworks including paintings, sculptures, installations, and there are several other exhibition basics as well including design tools, labels, boards, banners, object mounts, pedestals, cases, podiums, etc. that require professional handling and attention during relocation.

Agarwal Packers and Movers assimilate extraordinary steps to execute exhibition move that warrants these articles of high sentimental and monetary value to get shipped to the destination unbroken. Here is what our expert team does:

    • Every artwork in the exhibition center is tracked in advance
    • A detailed inventory is designed to streamline the procedure
    • Keep digital copies of every art sample in your drive or cloud
    • Make sure to save quality images of your artwork beforehand
    • Let the moving professionals take note of your exhibition stuff

Simple and Straightforward Moving Approach

    • Customers planning an exhibition move must schedule an appointment with our moving professionals a few months in advance.
    • Our team of experts will organize for the moving needs and specifics of the customer, to ensure the move happens comfortably.
    • A comprehensive assessment of the exhibition inventory is carried out and all kinds of special equipment required for the task are taken into consideration, and a trained team of a big team of moving personnel is prepared and assigned the task.
    • Customers are advised to prepare a detailed inventory before the move takes place. The final version of the same would be created by our packing specialists.
    • Prepare all your artwork one by one to be handled further by the moving professionals. Exhibition moves are time-consuming, beginning early is the key.
    • A prospective timeline is designed for the task and the packing job gets accomplished within the duration specified, incorporating the right kind of packing materials, and techniques.
    • Exhibition moves are complicated for customers and challenging for the movers. Therefore, the correct numbering of the packaged boxes, along with accurate citing of the box details (including title, dimension, price, etc.) is important.
    • When it comes to operations, seek needful preparations and precautions to ensure the quality moving of your high-value artwork from your art gallery.
    • When our professionals are working on your project, they will facilitate the move from start till the end and transport your art possessions to the new space.

Exhibition move with APMLs professional service

Professionals at Agarwal Packers know the intricacies and worth of all your artwork items and are topnotch in maneuvering all those high-value art pieces with great care and proficiency. For the efforts and funds you have invested in structuring the exhibition center, it becomes even more crucial for us to put in the right kind of professional assistance, tools, and techniques.

Since 1987, we have valued customer preference the most and have continually worked towards imparting outstanding services in the logistics domain. With numerous recognitions and certifications under the belt, APML assures quality with safety and security.

With us, you can secure:

    • The lifespan of your precious exhibition properties.
    • Well-sheltered moving containers are ideal for unharmed moves.
    • Durable packing assistance with fabric sheets and perfect boxes.
    • Portable container for move and storage, inbuilt with personalized locks.

Collection and storage of exhibition artwork

Moving art galleries is an extremely challenging endeavor. Depending on the artwork article that is being prepared for the move, a set procedure is followed and there is an option of assemblage and storage of artwork and other display artifacts within the secure storage units.

Agarwal Packers offers a secure storage option for storing high-value and delicate artwork articles from the exhibition space in their state-of-the-art home storage and here are some of the advantages you can experience:

    • APML has self-owned spaces for secure storage for the upkeep of belongings. These units of home storage and removal are best suited for preserving customers’ valuable possessions.
    • As exhibition inventory is highly sensitive, keeping exhibition properties in storage units is ideal, if the new moving-in space is unprepared. Simple and safe, these storage services are a smarter option to store both domestic and business properties.
    • Storage spaces with us are temperature-controlled, vast spaces perfect for housing belongings for either a short or long period, as per customers’ preference.
    • Promising unconventional packing protection, our moving experts make it a point to invest in superior quality packing materials and ideal equipment and tools that conducts the whole job in the least hassle and also save time.

Elements to Explore With Our Sheltered Units for Exhibition Possessions

    • Ultra-modern structure designed to offer optimum satisfaction.
    • Scheduled delivery and pickup of cargo as decided during the move.
    • Highly integrated and structured work protocol.
    • Option of booking partial or full storage units depending on need.
    • No hassle of inventory discrepancy, as everything is worked out with transparency.

Simplifying Logistics for You

Exhibition centers are considered as prestigious elements, in a space that promotes exploration and integration of different cultures and individuals. So, whether it is about moving an art museum or an art gallery, proper handling of the exhibition items is paramount for their safety during the relocation. That is where the responsibility of the moving authorities unfolds.

Customers, curators, or juries planning to move exhibitions can reach out to us at our centralized contact number: 9300300300 or can drop their moving inquiry on the contact us form on our website.

Our experts on board will attend to your moving need and assist you to relocate your exhibition space effortlessly.

We Are trusted By Many

Owing to the diligence and efficacy in packing and moving domain, APML has become the most trusted brand in the logistics, serving the customer with zeal and efforts.


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