With an extensive research, we have come up with the unique storage box to protect your high-end LED/LCD tv.

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Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. has always taken care of the shortcoming needs of all of its customers. To stamp this care and concern, we have introduced LED boxes for packing our customers’ LCDs and LEDs. The need of this innovation popped up in the minds of our experts after getting known to a latest research done by IIM Ahmedabad in 2015.

In this research, it was revealed that about 30% of LED/LCD TVs are reported defective and non-functioning within 4 years of purchase whereas manufacturers claim more than 9 years of product life. 25% of these reported defects accrue to cases where customers have shifted from one place to another. On further research, it was discovered that cause of defect lies in the wrong and damaging packing style and mechanism adopted by Packers and Movers. They make use of wooden crates for packing and moving your precious LED TVs. To fix nails in such wooden crates, the hammer is used for around 40-50 times on each box. This over-usage of hammer creates invisible, yet considerable damage like hairline fractures to the circuit or on the consoles of LED TV screens.led

On an average, 1 blow reduces the LED’s life by 1 month. Thus, one shifting is sufficient to harm your LCD/LED enough, and reduces its life to half or even less.

To address the plight of such innocent customers who suffer for no fault of theirs, we developed a state-of-the-art packing material in the form of Card Board LED boxes. There is a strong layer of foam inside the hard structured box that provides a special cushioning effect and grip to the screen and enhances the safety to maintain the life of your LCDs and LEDs. These Card Board LED boxes are made as per the standard sizes of available screens in the market and do not require any usage of hammer or any other fixing equipment that causes harm to your precious unit. Here at APML, all your delicate articles are packed with complete safety and care. So is your LCD/LED.


* Source: IIM Ahmedabad Innovation Research Report, 2015

APML has always kept nature and its safety at priority and hence anything used in the procedure of moving is eco-friendly. While making Card Board LED Boxes, this fact has been kept in mind that they can be re-used and thus, trees cutting can be prevented for maintaining the environmental balance. So, this time when you plan to move with packers and movers, ensure that they use Card Board LED box for packing your LCD/LED to keep their life and beauty intact.


Card Board LED Box: “Innovation”

  • Specially designed reusable boxes, made for high-valued fragile article i.e. LED/LCD TVs
  • Perfectly designed with hard exterior for external safety, soft foam interior for providing cushiony effect and holding grip of the article packed inside.
  • Made in all standard sizes, available in the market for LED/LCD.
  • This reduces the packing cost to INR 200/- from INR 800/- per LED/LCD TV packing.

Wooden Crate

  • High Value LCD/LED TVs are packed in wooden crates made by hammering nails to close the final lid of crate.
  • Hammering leads to hairline fractures like damages (also called micro fractures) on the LED/LCD screens as well as its circuit that ultimately leads to reduction of its life.
  • Nearly 45 hammer blows are involved in making one crate and each hammer reduces your product’s life by 1 month. Hence 45 hammerings would mean 45 months of age reduction. Each shifting reduces product’s life by 4-5 years.
  • This also acts as a barrier to the resale value of your products.


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