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Move to Qatar with us

To make your relocation smooth and uncomplicated, it is crucial to make an ideal decision in terms of choosing best relocation company. Well, when you plan to relocate to Qatar, the best moving company to consider for hassle free relocation is Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. Our network of international relocation services in Qatar is extremely effective and appreciable, as our experts are there to assist you during overall process of relocation i.e. from packing to moving it safely to your new address in Qatar. We make use of our unique USPs like LED/LCD box, trendy bags, perfect box and so on to pack your items perfectly so that all of your items reach to desired destination in the same condition as it was before the relocation. You can trust on us completely as we have already made numbers of successful moves to Qatar. So, take a breath of relief and explore your new home country with us…

Qatar: World’s Richest Country

Qatar is the sovereign Arab country located within Southwest Asia. This country holds number one position in terms of world’s richest country per capita income and also possesses world’s third largest natural gas reserves and the oil reserves. Because of this, Qatar has become the place where high volume of immigrations has been witnessed every year. Qatar offers luxurious lifestyle that too without the tax and with liberal policies, as a result lots of foreigners relocate to this country every year. Islam is the official religion of the country but due to several immigrations, other religions are practiced too. Currency of this Arab country is Qatari Riyal (QAR). Official language spoken all around is Arabic and English is the second language. Most of the expats chooses Qatar to move in context to employment opportunities offered to them, but if you possess great skills and qualification then also you can move to Qatar and get better job opportunity there. Well, by selecting Qatar for relocating in, you have made a wise decision which will definitely brighten up your future.

Documents Required for Relocation to Qatar

  • Copy of Passport/Visa/Residence Permit Visa along with page of entry stamp
  • Detailed packing List in English
  • Letter of Employment (NOC)
  • Letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Original Bill of Lading (OBL) / Express Release or Tex Release/ Air Waybill (AWB)

Copy of Passport/Visa/Residence Permit Visa along with page of entry stamp

When moving to Qatar, you must have a copy of your passport, visa, and residence permit and all of them should be stamped for entry into the country. Note that residence visa must be acquired before arrival of shipment. Your agent must have all these documents minimum of 5 days before the shipment arrival at the Qatar port.

Detailed packing List in English

Prepare a comprehensive packing list of inventory to be imported in Qatar in English language for ease of goods customs clearance. No prohibited or restricted item should be there in the list otherwise you’ll hold customs duty liability.

Letter of Employment (NOC)

If you have got an employment opportunity in Qatar then you must submit the letter of employment from your new employer (located in Qatar) that has terms and conditions of your employment. Furthermore, a No-objection Certificate from the previous employer is required stating that previous employer don’t have any issue of the employee joining another organization.

Letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Diplomats may imports their personal effects and other household items duty-free by simply acquiring a letter of exemption from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Original Bill of Lading (OBL) / Express Release or Tex Release/ Air Waybill (AWB)

The Original Bill of Lading is important for confirming the receipt of cargo at the port in the destination country i.e. Qatar. This agreement is carried out between the shipper and the agent at the final destination.

So, now keep all your worries on side and enjoy your relocation to Qatar. We are here to handle all things associated to packing and moving. Have a safe and enjoyable move.

Do's or Don't

For those, who are facing problems in shifting their homes, offices or studios from one place to another, we are here to help. Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. makes sure that "Nothing other than the place changes..." as we clearly understand how tedious and stressful packing and moving can be.

This stress could even result in total disaster sometimes, if certain important things are not kept in mind. On the contrary, if the act of packing is made efficiently and intelligently, moving can be made much simpler.

The Do’s


  • The primary step that counts is the advance planning of your move.
  • The next comes in this list is making a checklist to avoid any problem in future.
  • Then comes the Sensible Packing, that means, to assemble all the tools and objects that you are going to need. For this purpose, first make a list of all your requirements for the same, including the entire primary and smaller objects; start with boxes.
  • Make use of uniformly sized boxes, so that they stack together neatly. As for the big boxes, start with a small number, now double that number of medium-sized boxes that can easily be stacked on top of these big boxes, and add a very large number of small boxes (as they serve the maximum of our purpose).
  • These boxes should be sturdy, durable as they will be holding up through multiple moves, keeping your things intact and safe, and making your investment worth the money.
  • Moreover, to make sure that in what box you have stored which certain distinctive item, it should be labeled with appropriate stickers.
  • A zero-transshipment to prevent breakage should also be kept in mind.
  • The vehicle that is going to be used for the relocation and moving should be properly made ready for long distance, so that no delays or hampering could be faced during the traveling of the delicate and priceless belongings.
  • Proper insurance of the goods being traveled should also been made, so that in case of any road accident or loss or theft, you can claim your approximate value.

The Don’ts


  • Don't rush to the act of packaging without a proper layout that may lead to the skipping of unnoticed and small but crucial steps in the packing procedure.
  • The fragile items or the delicate ones should not be packed along with the durable or heavier ones.
  • Loose bundling of the boxes or the items inside may also lead to the breakage or damage of the goods being packed and moved.
  • The vehicle or the mode of transportation that is being finalized for the shifting purpose must have passed all the necessary clearance and proper servicing done already, so that real time chaos can be avoided.
  • One personnel at least of the company you are hiring for the shifting should accompany your goods till the destination.
  • Do not rush into while hiring packing and moving company otherwise you will be caught in false promises and fake services.
  • Avoid getting attracted towards discounted offers from the moving firm as it is one of the ways through which your precious money will be lost.
  • In case you have huge volume of goods then do not rent trucks or trailers that have less space otherwise you have to spend more money in making more than one moving trip.
  • Do not pack and move your furniture or electrical appliances (if applicable) without dismantling because it will increase the burden on packing boxes.
  • It is advisable not to mix up packed and unpacked items together. By doing so, your most of the time will be consumed.

Rules & Regulations

Moving beyond the boundaries of country can be quite daunting as well as exciting. There must be the excitement of exploring new places, meeting the people from different cultures and learning new things at new location. Specifically, for those people who have never been to abroad before, the level of excitement must be at its peak along with a worry about the safe and smooth relocation of his or her possessions to new place.

In order to maintain your excitement and enjoy uncomplicated international relocation, “pre-planning” can be the effective and best thing to reduce your stress. Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. has prepared this comprehensive guide to plan your hassle-free and smooth overseas move. In this guide, you will find the steps to be followed and the documents you will require for your move. Also, from where you can obtain the documents, where to apply and suggestion for settling in the country; all will be provided in this guide.

Few aspects of International moving guide are:

Understand your moving needs
Plan your move
Accrue necessary and required documents
Hire reliable and experienced relocation company

We possess a team of experts who have experience in overseas relocations, safely transporting to your possessions at your desired destination. We are there to help you from custom clearance to final reach of your goods to your residence. At Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd, we pay attention towards the customer satisfaction. From past three decades, we have been successful in proving ours’ this commitment. So, just get connected with us and call us +91-9310004321 for further guidance.

Other Information

Moving to another country with Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. is a comfortable and peaceful task because we provide all the relevant information related to the foreign country to our valuable customers. Some of these are discussed in this section.

  • Immigration
  • Country/Cultural
  • International
  • Our Valued

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