We are here to prevent you from getting trapped with incompetent packers and movers in order to save your precious time and money.

Who is Original Agarwal Packers and Movers

Agarwal's , Agarval , Agrawal , or Aggarwal ? - Who are these?

Well, one cannot avoid confusion gripping him/her when there are so many fake companies/person claiming blatantly to be the partners, agents or associates of Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd. and working unjustly under the registered trade name of AGARWAL PACKERS & MOVERS LTD. or agarwalpackers.com or APML or Agarwal Movers Group.

How Do They Trap?

  • False Paid Ad Listings on Search Engines
  • Attractive Portals
  • False Brand Associations
  • Fake Promises
  • Services at Unbelievably Low Prices
  • Forgery documents at its disposal

Fraud moving companies go by another twisted way to make themselves noted among the masses and come in contact with the public that is by listing itself on these famous B2B portals, like askxyz.com or Just Dial , and popular search engines.

This way is increasingly gaining popularity because of the wide acceptance and popularity of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. and other B2B sites. 

After seeing a company listed on these popular web portals enforces the customers to accept their credibility as they are completely ignorant about the fact that such listings are paid and before getting listed on these portals, they are not evaluated on any grounds. Hence, such a facility is opening doors for the fraud companies to perform their malicious operations in full swing.

When all the businesses are thriving online, the internet is even not left spared from the fraud companies’ tainted intentions. Nowadays, it’s a piece of cake for anyone to maintain a phishing web portal in order to trap innocent customers; using this fact to meet their wrong intentions, cheating companies are coming up with attractive phishing websites, similar or related to the name of a brand company, so as to woo innocent people to avail their services.

A case, out of many, came into the limelight recently wherein a moving company with the name Agarwal Shifting Solution (P) Ltd., similar to the name of the branded moving company, i.e., Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd., evaded with the goods and money of Mr. Hitesh Arora. It is being lodged under the FIR No. 1229 Dt.12/08/2014 in Kharghar Police Station of Navi Mumbai. Mr. Arora hired Agarwal Shifting Solution (P) Ltd. because it fraudulently showcased itself to be the agent of the leading company in the field of relocation – Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. It was also maintaining a website that captured the attention of Mr. Arora. This is how Mr. Arora was trapped who is now in bits for having entrusted the task of moving to a fraudster and losing all his lifetime’s precious possession and money too. It was when he filled an enquiry form on the website of Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd., the company and Mr. Arora both came to know about Mr. Arora’s unpleasant experience and that he was being cheated.

One other thing that has been concerning everyone is that these companies blatantly and falsely declare their associations with the brand companies. They showcase themselves as the agent of the brand companies, thereby not only attracting prospective customers of the brand company but also degrading the brand’s goodwill. One other ways they display their associations with branded companies is by operating with a name similar to the name of a brand company; for e.g. the leading company – Agarwal Packers and Movers Limited, is being bothered by the existence of fraudsters with the name similar to or related to it like Agarwal Packer & Mover, Aggarwal Packers & Movers, Agarwal Shift Packers & Movers, Agarwal Packerss and Moverss, etc.

Fraud companies misuse the name and goodwill of the companies who have put a lot of efforts and money to establish themselves over the years and then come out as the brand companies. To say, in the field of Packing & Moving only, there are a lot of moving companies that have been falsely claiming to be the agent of or have any type of associations with Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. or own a franchise of the APML, which is not the case any way. In general, APML has not been working through any agent or other party associations or even does not sell its franchise.

By making fake promises, such companies are weaving an attractive labyrinth to trap innocent people in it.

The cheating companies do not think twice before making a fake promise because the only thing that they desire for is the money. The insincere promises that they make to attract deals are like delivering the consignment within very short span, providing a lot of complementary services, etc.

Another way of such companies to attract deals fraudulently is by making their services available at unbelievably cheap rates. This is a kind of bait that helps them to trap people.

Many times, a cheating company adopts this way to woo customers. Unbelievably low prices tempt a lot of customers as everyone looks for a deal that will save their hard-earned money. One can come across a lot of deals flashing on the internet that succeeds in catching innocent people’s eye and lure them to avail their deceptive services, though at price as cheap as to save them thousand bucks, but at what cost? At the cost of their precious goods possessed over their lifetime?

These companies procure forgery documents that, no matter, helps them in limited ways, but at least they succeed in attracting customers by claiming to have possession of all the relevant documents like i-card, visiting cards, pamphlets, etc., which could easily pass the eyes of a layman by as the genuine ones.

Quoting the case of Mr. Khurana where Agarwal Household (P) Ltd. evaded with Mr. Khurana’s consignment and money, the company was backed by all the relevant forgery documents to sustain in the business. But a customer, who could not make out the difference between original and fake, could easily be taken in by the tricks played by such fraudsters, like Mr. Khurana was trapped.

Fake Packing and Moving Companies/Person on a Roll, Exposed

If you are shifting your goods through any random packing & moving company, then beware, because it is very likely that the company booked for shifting your household, would evade with your goods and money, and never shift it actually, thereby, leaving you waiting for your valuable possessions to be shifted for the entire life. There are lots of fraud companies working in this sector, reaching out to public via internet and other mediums of information access and beguiling people by showcasing themselves as an agent company or as a company associated in one way or the other with the brand companies, and enticing them to avail their services at very less prices. Such low prices and unfairly displayed brand associations compel customers to avail such fraud company’s services, but at what cost – at the cost of their precious goods possessed over lifetime and hard-earned money.

Recently, such a case came into the limelight in which Mr. Hitesh Arora hired a company with the name similar to Agarwal Packers and Movers Limited, i.e., Agarwal Shifting Solution (P) Ltd. for moving its consignment from Mumbai to Delhi. To Mr. Arora, Agarwal Shifting Solution (P) Ltd, with the domain www.agarwal-xyz-packersandmovers.com on the search engines, falsely claimed to be a company of Agarwal Movers Group with an address L-117, Mahipalpur, Old Rangpuri Road, New Delhi- 37. More than 20 days have already been passed, but Mr. Arora has not received his consignment in Delhi or any information regarding the same. When on searching more about the hired company’s credentials and tracing it at its address, it was found out that there has not been any office of the company at the mentioned address. However, the riveting part is that this packing company has published all the requisite packing and moving documents to sustain in this business and capture the customer’s attention and deals fraudulently.

At its initial investigation stage, police has lodged an FIR No. 1229 Dt.12/08/2014 against a suspect named Abhishek and has booked a case under section 407 and 507. Other culprits and all the other masterminds are yet to be tracked down. Thus, there are number of FIR against these false/duplicate operations.

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Welcome to Real Agarwal Packers and Movers Help! We are here to save you from getting confused or trapped…

We are coming across a number of cases that are bringing the increased operations of fake companies and their advanced ways to trap the innocents into light. These fake companies/persons are reaching out to the masses that are looking for the market’s leaders in relocation: Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd. to shift their household goods, but such fake companies are compelling them by falsely and smartly claiming to be the partners or have some kind of associations with us or some other attraction.

It is really astounding to know that lots of people who are getting trapped everyday include numbers of educated and professional ones. This translates the fact that the fraud moving companies have been working through really advanced ways that are not only tricking the innocents, but also are succeeding in fooling the masterminds including I.T. personnel, bank managers, advocates, police officers, etc. Such advanced techniques at display could pose difficulty to anyone in judging the fraud company’s crooked credentials and believing its fake existence.

Here is an example where Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) even got confused to find the real one as they have given their report on a fake company (Agarwal d2d Packers and Movers), which is similar and identical to our trade name and nowhere belongs to Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. Therefore, it is advised you to verify completely before handing over your valuable belongings for move.

Be cautious! Whilst it has been worked out that every day, on an average, 47 people get trapped; people, like me and you, become one of those statistics. If you or your near or dear ones have not been trapped as yet, maybe your or their turn is tomorrow.

Here are the identities of genuine i.e. us:

  • Assurance Picture of Shri Ramesh Agarwal Ji with a cap on website, stationary & other documents along with Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. name.
  • Registered Logo of the Company, 
  • Our contact Numbers : 9 300 300 300 and/or 098 6001 5001
  • Our Website : www.agarwalpackers.com

Media Highlights

We have been doing whatever we can in order to clear this mess, and in this respect, we have took some stringent actions against some fraudsters through the cases which came into our notice.

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Voice Clippings of Victims

Get live with the experiences confronted by beguiling people while approaching Fake Agarwal Packers and Movers.

How to save yourself from them?

When everyone is hovering over you claiming to be the agents of the original Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. or boasting a name similar to the Agarwals or may be displaying a brand association with APML in order to woo you, the question that would be making you uneasy in midst of all this commotion is whom to believe and how to save yourself from the cheaters? Of course, this is an important question as it is a matter of your valuable goods possessed over lifetime and your hard-earned money. So… first things first, Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. does not work through any agent company; does not have any brand associations; and does not sell its franchise as well. As far as finding the original Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. is concerned, this could be done by following the things that would make you to land at the genuine company, on which you can reckon.

  • Website
  • Photo of Mr. Ramesh Agarwal with Cap
  • Official Number
  • Logo
  • Registration
  • Payment made in the name of Agarwal Packers and Movers Limited only

The original APML’s official website is www.agarwalpackers.com. Before you hire a moving company, thinking it is the Agarwals, make sure to cross-check the website that it is working through. If it is not the above mentioned link to the website, it is, evidently, not the genuine ones. The cheating companies are operating through websites like- www.aggarwalpackersx.com, or www.agarwalpackerssx.com, or www.agarwalpackerx.com etc.

You can recognize the legitimate APML with the photograph of APML's chairman, Mr. Ramesh Agarwal with cap. This photo clear distinguishes us from the fraudsters in the market, saving you from dealing with a fake moving company/person

To reach the original APML, you must make a call on the numbers: 9 300 300 300 and 098-6001-5001, which are the only numbers paving your way directly to the original Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd., all over India. If you want to enquire or approach them, dial the numbers so mentioned. Save yourself from approaching a fraud company, acting through a number different from the numbers given, for e.g., xx-6001-4001 or xxxx xx 6001. These are some of the basic things, but would help you to not get strayed from the original ones.

This is one of the things that clearly differentiate the workings of the original company from the fraudsters. Agarwal Movers Group and all its companies are recognized by its common A-logo. The artistic collaboration of A with M to form a significant A-letter in white color and then presentation of this letter on the red wheel-like base makes the logo of APML as the most significant one. ‘A’ stands for Assurance, which is hallmark to the company’s commitments, assuring you to deliver the desired level of satisfaction. So, one must look for the A-logo of the company prior to coming under a deal with just any company.

A branded moving company, like APML, will be backed by authentic registration with PF, ESIC, IBA (Indian Banks’ Association) and Service Tax Department (mandatory). If a company claims to be in possession of all these registrations, verify it at MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) or go through the documents of registration. If there is something fishy, think the company is a fraudster.

If you happen to come under a deal with a fraud moving company, taking you into their confidence completely and showcasing as having some associations with the APML, still there is a scope of evaluating the company’s credentials. Before entrusting the task of moving and making the payment, let them know that you will make the demand draft in the name of Agarwal Packers and Movers Limited only or make the payment (via any other way) in the name of Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. only, and if they happen to make excuses and try to influence you to make the payment in the name of some xyz company or individual, then know that you are dealing with a fraud company.

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