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Experience Stress-Free Laboratory Moving Support

Agarwal Packers introduces the best practices to streamline Laboratory Moves. Considered to be one of the most revered laboratory move providers, the company for more than 3-decades has assisted in moving both business laboratories and research laboratories. With over 34+ years of expertise in implementing the most sought-after procedures and deep-rooted knowledge, we are trusted not just by customers but by several big companies for our effortless relocation services that also comprise laboratory moves.

Laboratories form an integral part of any economy that works as an appropriate research center for scholars and students alike. It is a hub where the best of the minds sit together and brainstorm to design, discover and investigate equipment, software, and data by employing the newest technology and implementation of up-to-the-minute techniques. Offering first-hand opportunities to the experts and beginners on a global level, laboratories are one such center that generally requires effortless move at any point in time.

We know every laboratory is different with its specifications; that is the reason our proficient team of managers and experts with us governing its parameters. To validate successful laboratory moves, we integrate the industry's best time-tested techniques that assure lab relocation gets executed well.

How do we do it the right way?

  1. Since laboratories are majorly comprised of highly sensitive apparatus, we consolidate the finest relocation planners and integrate all the superior moving equipment that diminishes the chances of damage.
  2. To ensure there are no fallouts during such an intricate move, our expert crew comes up with the finest practices and oversees every detail, every aspect that complies with the regulations proposed by the operative authorities.
  3. When it comes to the safety of lab items, foolproof planning is laid out several months in advance and all the moving requirements are critically analyzed by our moving personnel.
  4. Depending on the atmosphere of the destination where the move is carried out, the existing infrastructure in the place is examined so that the transition remains smoothly.
  5. All the sensitive items from the laboratory’s icebox are transported to the cold storage so they can survive the moving journey as they are, without suffering reactions.
  6. With first-rate cold storage stations, we offer a storage facility to upkeep blood samples, plasma, chemicals, or other testing devices that need a distinct atmosphere and setup to be moved safely.
  7. As research laboratories and test centers demand not just safe but integral handling of its elements, we ensure our able team of moving experts offers gentle treatment and intensive care that does not compromise with the integrity of its apparatus, until it reaches the destination.
  8. Whether you own a laboratory that you want to shift to a new location or you want to move a section of your lab apparatus, laboratory moves are simplified with our comprehensive range of solutions that ensure all your small and complicated resources are taken care of, completely.
  9. At reasonable rates, our designed hassle-free operations ascertain that the entire range of test center instruments including flasks and beakers to tubes and burners, apart from the substances and supplies, properties, and more are transported effortlessly. Here is a brief of the assurances offered by the moving specialists of Agarwal Packers:

Streamlined Laboratory Move Coordination

    • In-depth planning is carried out by the top industry experts before the move initiates, which ensures a reduction in downtime.
    • The end-to-end course is headed and backed by supervisors which allow everyone in the channel to remain informed about the progression.
    • The move happens efficiently and the sensitive payload gets delivered to the new location without any interruption.
    • The first class undertaking of lab instruments by the experts ensures the whole thing – is managed as per the customers’ requirement. Beginning from packing to loading, then until the time of unloading of the apparatus – whatever the client proposes, is worked out.
    • The moving authorities at Agarwal Packers establish to configure everything at the spot by executing a pre-move survey. Only after the lab inventory is evaluated carefully, a moving plan for the same is devised.
    • With changing times, the industries that witness a drastic revolution include research laboratories, pharmaceutical businesses, and biotechnology. These industries principally deal with investigation and manufacturing, conducted in laboratories, and therefore often witness laboratory moves, whenever there is a need.

Process Followed By APML During Lab Move

  1. Since a successful lab move begins with first-class planning, the project heads come together to organize the move before things materialize.
  2. Once a moving deal is booked, customers can opt for a free consultation.
  3. Since laboratory equipment is extremely flimsy and intricate to handle, we offer custom packing and crating for the same using special packing equipment.
  4. All the laboratory items are first cleaned and prepared for the move.
  5. Experiments and research work are put on halt for the period.
  6. To promise minimal interruption of lab premises, everything is worked out aesthetically.
  7. All the articles are diligently wrapped in quality materials, so they survive the transit journey without breakage.
  8. Customers can also opt for storage support for lab articles by paying a little extra.
  9. Ideal handling items are brought to use and every laboratory item including creatures (plants and animals), hazardous materials, etc. other than the implements and gadgets are carefully prepared for the transit.
  10. Unpacking too is worked out with utmost precision and every apparatus is assembled at the desired position.

Laboratory move is a time-consuming, extensive process but at Agarwal Packers, we make sure the course remains easier and there is no struggle during the relocation of the resources and items. With adept relocation administrators and planners on board to guide throughout the process, all research center and laboratory articles are relocated seamlessly by our able workforce in the least hassle and stipulated period.

Why APML for Lab Move?

    • Engineers, planners, and project supervisors ideate the process.
    • Well-informed of the research center operations
    • Implementation of state-of-the-art techniques
    • Innovative work approach to achieve desired results
    • Advanced relocation services for a stress-free move
    • Effortless communication channels between those involved.
    • Smart execution of the comprehensive move process

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