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Freight Forwarding Service

APML – Freight Forwarding Division allows us to provide best-in-class end-to-end logistics solutions tailor-made as per your requirements.APML has been designing freight forwarding solutions for the past 18 years and has been a symbol of growth in the PAN India shipping fraternity.APML has 120 offices in India and Overseas offices in the US, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, and UAE.We serve all major Ports, Airports, and ICDs and provide seamless connectivity.

Committed, Capable, Global

Our mission is to offer value-added services that keep you competitive and your supply chain lean. We’re fascinated by integrated logistics and global trade in all its facets – serving numerous key industries with innovative and sustainable solutions.

    • Around 25000 destinations around the world
    • More than 6000 employees worldwide
    • More than 20.56 sq. ft of warehousing space worldwide

International Freight Forwarding

APML will ensure that all commercial and statutorydocumentation for international traderequirements of both origin and destinationare provided from a single service point andexecuted and supported by specialized anddedicated teams and staff that ensure yourpeace of mind.

APML team has more than 20 years of experience in the sea freight industry. APML has the expertise tosecure space and the best freight rates for both importand export shipments. We handle both FCL / LCL shipments, Reefer containers, and dimension cargo in FLAT RACKS, RORO, door pickup, and doordelivery shipments. We use our relationships with carriers and CFS to leverage for our clients.

Air Freight

APML has been working with IATA, FFAI, and International Network. Dedicated vehicles ensure prompt collection and dispatch from all the cargo handlingfacilities at the airports. We handle consolidation shipments as well as back-to-air shipments imports and exports. Airfreight remains the premiumform of transport where the requirement is for rapid international delivery, exact arrival times for order fulfillment and product availability, just-in-timeinventory (JIT) management, and products with limited life. APML ensures space availability when you need it most. We are a reputable, credit-worthy company with accounts at all airlines. Freight chartering is another area of expertise that we are well experienced in. Our specialist air freight teamsatisfies clients who require the transport of perishable products as well as general cargo.

Sea Freight

As part of end-to-end integrated international logistics solutions, APML provides flexible regional transport, with expert skills in crossingborder procedures, type of product, and priority shipment handled. This is for individual or consolidation loads (FTL/LTL) for all typesof cargo. Our fleet enables us to control schedules and delivery priorities that we commit toWe handle temperature-controlled and oversized cargo.

Road Freight

1. Customs Clearance & Specialized Services

Our customs clearance and documentation service is linked online with the ICEGATE of Customs and Excise viaa EDI system. We can assist with the payment of duties, surcharges, and VAT. Expert review of tariff and productcodes ensures error-free customs documentation handling and advice that could truly be valuable to yourbusiness. We provide sea and airfreight storage facilities for both bonded and non-bonded cargo.

    • We provide Registration services for Projects, STPI ,EOU, SEZ units along with customs-related Licenses.
    • We handle DEPB and Duty drawback release cases. We provide consultancy services to startups
    • importers and exporters. We can assist in procuring SVB Special Licenses.

2. Consolidation Services Reduce Costs

With our buyer's consolidation services, you will have reliability, less cargohandling, and fewer units to handle at your end destination. Buyer'sconsolidation services give you reduced costs andenvironmentalsavings and offer full transparency in a more simplified mannercompared to multiple LCL shipments.

3. Optimized Utilization Through Consolidation

APML optimizes the utilization of containers as part ofour consolidation services. We consolidate multipleLCL shipments into FCL shipments. Dedicatedcontainers are packed and sealed for finaldeliveryat the customer's premises or seaport warehouse.

4. Optimized Utilization Through Warehouse Management

Located near the automotive, engineering, pharma, and IT hubs,we have the know-how and expertise in warehouse managementsystems. We provide in-house warehouse storage with 100% security,with all facilities for loading/unloading, physical scanning and stackingof goods along with transportation services for pickup and delivery.

    • We also provide Special services for the maintenance of storage pallets.
    • We can manage the bonded warehouse of EOU and SEZ.

5. Operations For Temperature Controlled Shipments

Whether it is for import or export shipments, we have “know-how” to provide air freight and seafreight logistics solutions for temperature-controlled cargo. Dedicated teams produce and processall the import or export documents and administration in-house. This enables quick and crispclearance for our integrated services to and from destinations. We can collect and deliver yourairfreight and sea freight consignments to and from India. Our scale of operation enables us toprocure the best space availability and rate when you need it most.

APML has expertise in customs clearance of garments, auto parts, foodstuff, pharma, medicalequipment, electronic hardware, communication hardware, ADC, granite, furniture, and woodenarticles.Ensuring that all the end-to-end international shipping solutions are executed rapidly, accurately, and to perfection. Specific coordinated operations guarantee that the service levels that we offerare achieved.

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