What Makes Agarwal Packers and Movers Unique?

We were planning to move from Mumbai to Bangalore as me and wife both got our transfers. We were worried because we had a lot of belongings and it was very difficult for both or use to do everything on our own as we had to go to the office every day. It was quiet difficult for us to do it properly so we got to know about Agarwal packers and movers then we asked them to provide us with the moving quotes.

They provided us the moving quotes and that too free of cost and then they explained us how they will be doing it for us. Here are some of the points that make them unique for us:

They have devised the most convenient and brilliant ways to move the household possessions to any place. We found that the services they provide are the best and cannot ever be provided by any other moving organization. Here are some of the thing that we liked the most.

    • Free on site quotes
    • Full fledged service for packing, transportation and unpacking
    • Qualitative packing supplies
    • Storage options

Careful handling, lifting and loading

The way they handle your possessions is the safest way for the fastest domestic relocation services. They assure every now and then that your goods are delivered at the exact location in the same condition. This is what makes them unique because they are the one with the most amazing and unique techniques.

The moving equipment that they use while carrying their possessions from the house to the moving truck and from the moving truck to the new house is a very professional and technical way.

Moving equipments are supposed to be done in a very protective way so that nothing happens to your belongings while you are processing the move.

Qualitative packing material

• Packing paper

It is used as the very first layer and the base layer of packing on the possessions that are supposed to be packed properly. Maximum used for the fragile possessions that are supposed to be packed with different packing supplies.

• Bubble wrap

It has sheets that are filled with air and make it even more secured when it comes to packing your possessions properly. It protects your supplies from getting damaged even if there is a bump during the transit. It has small bubbles filled with air that provides a thick base to it for better protection.

• Furniture blanket

Apply a layer of furniture blanket over the bubble wrap so that it provides a cushiony effect to your furniture pieces electronic items. The team follows the packing technique according to the professional guidance that is provided to them.

• Packing tape

The way they put the tape on the household items is in a way that no adhesive material gets stick to the surface and keeps it protected throughout.

These are a few things that make them unique and this is the reason they stand out in the crowd.

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