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Hungary, a beautiful country with great lifestyle is one of the favorable destinations for expatriates. Numbers of people from different nations make move to this country every year. If you are also heading towards this country for better and peaceful lifestyle, then you have chosen the right company for best packing and moving services. We Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. are engaged in this business of packing and moving from almost 3 decades and made ourselves competent enough to relocate you to Hungary from any part of India and from Hungary to any location in India. We have separate specialized division for international move and member of International Association of Movers (IAM), we are serving 182 countries all around the world including Hungary.

We have a big team of shifting experts who are fully knowledgeable about custom standards need to be followed at the time of relocation process and make sure that you do not face any difficulty during final move of your valuable goods. We are expert in serving all types of relocation needs, whether it’s commercial, residential, business or industrial relocation. Customer satisfaction is our prime focus, thus we give our best in all aspects whether its high quality packing material, excessive care of goods, smooth and on time delivery, round-the-clock monitoring of consignment and others. We count profit not in monetary terms but in the form of number of satisfied customers we have served till the date. So, you can flush off all your worries about relocation from your mind and trust on us completely for trouble free relocation. Let’s read a brief note on Hungary.

Hungary: Country Rich in Cultural Aspects

Hungary, a country located within central Europe is one among 15 most popular tourist destinations all around world. The official spoken language is Hungarian and major religion practiced all around is Roman Catholic, followed by Calvinist, Lutheran and others. However, Hungary is the member of EU, but they use their own currency i.e. the Forint. Country possesses beautiful geography surrounding vast plains, wine regions, thermal lakes, natural grasslands and two main rivers of Europe namely, Tisza and the Danube. Climate of Hungary keeps on varying from -20°C to 39°C throughout the year. Hungary is also well-known all around globe for its mathematicians and great scientific inventions like the telephone exchange, Rubik’s cube, plasma TV and electric motor. Architecture, literature, music, delicious cuisine, and folk art are cultural aspects of Hungary.

To visit or for relocating to any other country, everyone needs to apply for the visa and same goes with Hungary. If you are planning to relocate to Hungary then you need to apply for visa first.

Different Types of Visas in Hungary:

Short-Term (Schengen) Visa: This type visa will let you stay in Hungary for no longer than 90 days. The Schengen area comprises 25 countries of Europe and one can travel to all these 25 countries using short-term visa.

Visitor Visa: You need to be invited by resident of Hungary to obtain this type of visa, who will take full responsibility of you while you stay in Hungary. Once you received an invitation letter, you can apply for this visa within your own country’s Hungarian embassy. Valid period for this visa is up to one year.

Business Visa: This type of visa is similar to visitor visa as you need to obtain an invitation for this visa, but in this context the invitation is from the employer in Hungary. Valid period for this visa is 90 days.

Other Short-Term Visas: There are different types of visas like transit visa, medical visa and more. One can apply for this at local Hungarian embassy.

Residence Permit: If you are non EU citizen and need residence permit then you need 30 days visa from the date you take entry to Hungary. When you reach to country, you can visit to immigration office personally in context to receive the residence permit. This permit is usually valid for a year and can be renewed thereafter.

Necessary documents for relocating to Hungary with household goods and personal effects are:

  • Copy of the passport
  • Detailed packing list
  • Residence Permit/ Work Permit/ Registration Card/ Hungarian ID
  • Detailed inventory along with valued, dated and signed by the shipper in English language
  • Bank guarantee, if applicable
  • Proof of living abroad, minimum of 1 year outside the EU (company confirmation, utility bills etc.)

Just stay calm and make a note of exciting things you want to do at your new location in new country. Rest concerned with relocation needs leave on us, we will handle all these in best way and definitely serve you best. Have a happy move to Hungary.

What our Clients Say about us

  The package was packed and picked from my door and delivered right at my doorstep in Ireland with no additional charges apart from the quote. Also package arrived in perfect condition.

Mr. Vivek Bhushan
Delhi to Ireland

I was very satisfied of the service I received from Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. Your executive has been very competent and helpful in dealing with my container in spite of a series of difficulties arisen in the custom. The delivery has been punctual and efficient.

Mr. Stefano Zuffi
Italy to New Delhi

  I was very impressed with the packaging and the way you made sure that the goods were fitted into the container making sure no space was wasted. We were happy with your overall service and would definitely recommend you to others.

Mr. Amit Shah
Faridabad to London

  Thanks for all the hard work to get my shipment delivered safe and sound. This is the first time I used Agarwal Packers for shipment abroad and glad I made the right decision.

Mr. Shivam Tiwari
Hyderabad to Belgium

I am very happy about the way you have handled my shipment and I appreciate being updated at all the times.

Ms. Julie Fruensgaard
Gurgaon to Denmark

I am glad and pleased to say the excellent services that I received from your team. The packing and delivery was very well coordinated and was made in timelines promised. I had a very good and trouble-free experience with you.

Mr. Dhiren Mathur
Mumbai to Paris, France

This is first time I used services of APML. I fully praise them as they have been very friendly in responding to my queries. The punctuality and commitment towards the customer is very professional and truly creditable

Mr. Harshal N. Mathur
Germany to Mumbai

Thank you and your team for my safe move to Istanbul. I found it very easy & stress-free to work with your team. This was my first time working with a specialist agency, and you definitely lived up to the high expectations.

Mr. Rishabh
Mumbai to Istanbul