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Expert Advice

What to do and consider when you are relocating your household:

With family? – Shifting to a new place with family is a bit tedious task as you are now required to act responsible and think in interest of all your family members. There’s no chance that you can avoid or neglect even a single step. Dependent family members: kids, wife and parents, are like your responsibility; and that of whom you have to take care and consider everything about them at the time of moving. From your kids’ school or college admissions to ensuring that mandir or pooja place is near to your new destination at the convenience of your parents to making sure that the market place is adjacent at the ease of your spouse, you have to see that everything is there for the people who are moving in with you and arrange the rest. Thus, relocation becomes a hell lot of demanding job when you are relocating with your family. It is advised that one must hire professionals in order to let them take away the added moving burden, so that you are ultimately left with other important things of concern.

Without family? – So, you are moving in alone; well, this is not a reason enough to sit back. Things are more difficult than your imagination, as now there is no one at your end who can lend you a helping hand or guide you. It is better for you to hire a moving company, who will tackle end-to-end movement and will leave you at complete ease.

To a neighboring place? – When you are relocating to a nearby place, you must, first of all, ensure that your destination is arranged beforehand and that it is ready to be moved in. Hire a local packers & movers company who has enough standing in the market and competency to move you in the place you wish to.

To a distant place? – Moving to a distant place is a challenging task. Not only the task involves covering all the kilometers, but also making sure that the goods remain in strict supervision and do not get pilfered or damaged while they are being moved to the destination place. You are also required to be prepared with all the documents at your disposal, so that the movement remains smooth and unhindered at all the times. Considering all the crippling barriers and the movement’s intricacies, it would be a wise step if one hires professionals for this task. In this way, what all you will be left with is to take care of the new place’s arrangement and acquisition, and everything else will be handled by the professionals.

To an international country?– When you have to relocate to a foreign country possessing completely different set of rules, regulations, custom and language, the difficulty level of such movement knows no bounds then. It would be wise if you seek an expert assistance to tackle such a complex movement. When moving to abroad, make sure that you:

  • Find a moving company with global presence and competency
  • Get the insurance of your goods to be transported, done
  • Have sufficient currency of the country you are planning to move in
  • Carry all the important documents like visa, passport, ticket, ID-card, license, admission letter, offer letter, etc.

With large or small consignment? – The size of the consignment also matters a lot. The larger the size of the consignment, the more hectic is the job of relocation. So, before plunging into relocation, arrange your stuffs, and it is advised to discard useless items before you could start arranging your stuffs and ultimately, packing. This step is crucial as after this step, all you will be left with are sorted and important things to move.

Along with your pets & plants? – It is very important to give equal importance to the movement of your pets & plants. Moving companies, like ours, render complementary pets and plant relocation services also, along with household moving, that to be expert aided. So, always look for the company that extends its hand in moving your pets and plants.

Along with your vehicle? –Want to move your dear car at the same time when your household movement is being executed? Well, Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. provides you the service of relocating your car as well as Household Goods at one go.

How to choose the best moving company for your movement?
  • Research
  • Customer’s Feedback & Family’s or Friends’ opinion
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Hire

How to evaluate a moving company?
  • On the basis of the quality of packing materials that they use
  • On the basis of experience
  • On the basis of network
  • On the basis of the carriers they deploy to transport your goods
  • On the basis of the innovative techniques that they use to tackle your movement
  • On the basis of their manpower’s skill and training
  • On the basis of their footing in the market
  • On the basis of the cost that they quote
  • On the basis of the ease that they provide to you

What is the most accurate cost for your movement?
  • Depends upon the size of the consignment
  • Depends upon the urgency of the transportation
  • Depends upon the mode of transportation
  • Depends upon the extent of vigilance required during the movement
  • Depends upon any customization in the movement
  • Depends upon the distance
  • Depends upon the law of the land where the consignment is to be moved
  • Depends upon the number of people involved in the movement
  • Depends upon any contingent factor including social or political

How much time your relocation would consume?
  • Depends upon the schedule planned
  • Depends upon distance to be covered
  • Depends upon the place to be transported
  • Depends upon the mode of transportation

How to ensure that your goods are in safe hands?
  • Quality of packaging
  • Innovation
  • Extent of care shown according to the goods under consideration
    • Fragile Items/Glassware
    • Electronics
    • Decorative
    • Clothes & Books
    • Furnishing
  • Handling of religious items with utmost reverence and sanctity
  • Special attention given to items of worth

Even after hiring a moving company, what role you have to play?
  • Check the status of the movement frequently
  • Keep in touch with your personal Shifting Assistant
  • Intimate timely if you wish to change the schedule of the movement
  • Ensure that you have finalized your new destination and are ready to live in there as soon as you receive your consignment
  • Claim, if, your consignment has, unfortunately, met with some damages