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A Trucking Cube (Container) is your own private space to ship your goods from one place to another and that too without any transshipment. You can now choose cube as per your requirement and size of consignment from Cube (Container) Ace, Cube (Container) Pick Up, Cube (Container) 407, Cube (Container) 709, Cube (Container) 1109 to 20" ISO Container. In case of breakdown only the cube is transshipped and not the goods as they are securely locked at origin.

For commercial business... No need to pile up your inventory, dispatch whenever you have an order in hand.....reduce inventory carrying cost.

Every client looks for a dedicated space without additional charges where only his goods are stored securely and transported to the destination without getting transshipped enroute.

At APML, we are committed to fulfill all logistical expectations of our clients.

Introducing a new concept which is first of its kind...

Trucking Cubes (Container)

Trucking Cubes



Chowk, Mumbai - Hub
Chowk, Mumbai - Hub
Pick-up Vehicle with 6ft. Cube from client RDC to Hub
Pick-up Vehicle with 6ft. Cube from client RDC to Hub

Different sizes of cube moving from HUB to HUB
Different sizes of cube moving from HUB to HUB
Cubes being unloaded at Gurgaon Hub
Cubes being unloaded at Gurgaon Hub

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Out of the Box Logistics Solutions Through Trucking Cube (Container)

- Zero Transshipment

- Reduces Logistics Cost by 8%

- Your Goods remain Untouched and Unseen

How? We have the answer

  • 16% reduction in packaging cost - on account of low ply required
  • Clients can self-lock and retain key
  • 24 Hours free storage facility at destination in same cube
  • Zero pilferage
  • These cubes are made as per ISO certification, hence no water seepage is possible which is common in close body trucks
  • Exclusive Cube even for part shipment
  • Dust free delivery of goods
  • No leakage for air packed goods especially pharmaceutical & foods
  • Low Insurance Premium on account of zero risk
  • 100% online Consignment Tracking through GPS
  • Ease to channelize your work at destination
  • Multiple handling of goods in transit reduced to zero
  • In case of breakdown, cube can be transported by another vehicle without transshipment
  • Safety features like Shock Absorbing Pad on Floor, Net & Safety Belts to hold the goods intact
  • Cube fitted with ACS, which avoid the deterioration of goods loaded in it specially food/pharmaceutical
Additional care with Safety Net
Additional care with "Safety Net"
Shock absorbing pad on cube floor
"Shock absorbing Pad" on Cube Floor

You retain your key
You retain your key
Your Cube, Your Lock
Your Cube, Your Lock

Air Circulation System

Social Impact

This innovation has helped in reducing fuel consumption by 25% thereby leading to reduced Carbon Footprints.

National Impact

Loss due to transshipment is 42,000 Crores annually in India. These cubes will reduce it effectively.


Why Food and Pharmaceutical items get expired much before the expiry date

Every food and pharmaceutical product has an expiry date but sometimes these products just lose their effectiveness much before the expiry date.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but the biggest cause is transshipment. According to a study conducted by Dr. Hatim Rahamat Alla Mohammed Ahmmed, Associate Professor of Bahri which says “Food safety involves the safe handling of food from the time it is grown, packaged, prepared and distributed. Food borne illness may be caused by bacteria that grows on food or by viruses that are spread because food is not cleared, stored, or handled properly during transportation enroute”.

Once the packet gets punctured during transportation or transshipment then the clock starts ticking on these items, because exposure to air, light, and bacteria can break them down & can cause products to degrade over time. In such situation the expiry date has no validation left at all.

Rancidity – take place while mixing of detergent soap and food items making food items inedible.


Snake Ladder

Snake of transshipment may bite in any of the following cases:

  • Breakage of cartons & mixing of harmful elements happen at transporter’s godown during part shipment
  • Transshipment during breakdown of vehicle enroute
  • In case of exigency or non-availability of space at destination
  • Rancidity takes place while mixing of detergent soap & food items making food items inedible

Transportation has never been so easy, safe and economical, thanks to truckingcube.com.
- Industry Expert
While Transshipment is a Silent Killer of the Reputation of the product and the company, Trucking Cube (Container) is the Permanent Killer of Transshipment.
- Chairman, AITWA
Trucking Cube (Container) has changed the whole logistics scenario. Most innovative idea for the transportation industry.
- Aditya Mittal, Managing Director, Bluebird Water Purifiers