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Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

We at Agarwal Packers and Movers Limited have carved a comfortable niche in Transportation and Logistics sector, which is a result of our hard work, determination and the supreme quality of the moving services that we offer, still we are driven to give back more to the society. No matter how bigger we get day by day, we will sincerely feel it as our responsibility to participate and contribute, what we can, to make the community, the society, the country, nature, and the world, a better place to live and thrive.

Taking care of our surroundings is our prime concern!
We, as a family of stalwart members, have been encouraging philanthropic activities, taking initiatives to conquer community's challenges, supporting and promoting various social causes, lending an important hand to drive the country's economy at a successful rate and funding the moving sector's drives for innovation. In addition, our processes are developed in line with conservation of natural resources, which also exhibits a fact that our team of packing and moving gets trained on various predetermined parameters that, in effect, guides them to do optimum utilization and minimum wastage of resources.

We also understand that, we cannot make any business out of our client or our own without considering the future of our society and our planet. Hence, we believe that it is our responsibility to apply our collective knowledge, talent and energies to the challenges that we all face at our workplace, within our communities and also in our environment. We remain committed to making a positive impact on the world, by investing financial and human capital in the issues that matter to the society as a whole.

Care for Underprivileged

Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd feels it as its moral duty to care for less- and under-privileged people and provide support and help to them. We donate warm clothes, blankets and other necessities to tribal people and other poor, deprived sections of our society across the length and breadth of the country. We work towards their welfare in a relentless manner and seize every opportunity to come at a service to them. Our purpose comes down to becoming useful to the underprivileged and serving the society.


Ekal Vidayalaya Yojana Ekal Vidayalaya Yojana is based on the thought "Wake up Bharat! Enlighten the world!!"
Agarwal Movers Group believes in an old saying "Teach a man to fish and you have fed them for a lifetime". So, our motive behind joining Bharat Lok Siksha Parishad was to join hands in educating poor/rural children which prepares them further to reap the fruits in future.

As a part of CSR Activity, Agarwal Movers Group had pledged 100 schools in year 2013-14 to resolve the plight of the masses living in remote and tribal regions of the nation through education and have again vowed to take another 100 schools for the year 2014-15 though Bharat Lok Siksha Parishad's premier movement started as EKAL VIDYALYA EDUCATION which aims to educate and raise the masses...which are real nation. As Swami Vivekananda once said "Best thing you can give to the society is to educate them and develop their individuality", so does we are up to.


Driver Seva Kendra (Driver Empowerment) As an initiative in ensuring the safety and security of drivers, we have launched the one-of-a-kind driver seva kendra called the APM Driver Seva Kendra, first ever in the country at Dudu, Jaipur (India)

Sh. Ramesh Agarwal, Mentor of Agarwal Movers Group taking Oath from Honorable Chief Justice of India Mr. Justice Y.K. Sabharwal as National President of India Transporters Welfare Association (AITWA) on 08th May, 2007

Did you know the fact that about 1,39,000 people die in road accidents each year out of which 26,678 people are killed due to sleep deprivation while on roads? This happens, as drowsy driving is still an elusive highway dilemma for the truck drivers during transit. The pain they experience is beyond description. Realizing the issue, Agarwal Movers Group came up with, Driver Seva Kendra in 2012, a facility center for drivers. It's a place where they feel like being at home. The warm welcome and respect they get at the center by washing their feet makes them feel pleasant and elated. At the seva kendra, they sleep and refresh themselves. These elementary essentials at present are being used by 450- 500 truck drivers each day amounting to 15,000 trucks drivers in a month. If we count on the ratio then the results are overwhelming as this single Driver Seva Kendra has been able to save 468 lives in a single year through a simple concept of "Nindra daan" (Sleep) as a part of our Company's CSR activity.


APM Driver Seva Kendra to Ensure Safety of Truck Drivers

Sleep deprivation and stress are the two prime factors which lead to fatal road accidents by truck drivers. For survival of Indian truck drivers, Shri Ramesh Agarwal has taken an initiative by building an APM Drive Seva Kendra at National Highway 8. This Seva Kendra provides an environment to them, where they can sleep peacefully and get benefit of all the basic facilities like laundry, health check-ups, barber, and wash rooms etc absolutely free of cost.

Beti Padhao Campaign In the support of “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” national campaign, our group’s Mentor, Shri Ramesh Agarwal has started a Bicycle Distribution program. On the 21st of every month, bicycles will be distributed to needy school going girls, so that they don’t face any difficulty in commuting to their school regularly.

This campaign has been initiated by him in the memory of his mother, Mata Sunheri Devi, who always favored girls to be educated and self dependent.


Training & Development As an initiative in the area of Training & Development, Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. has started a small Training Institute at Toshan near Hisar in Haryana to train the local young villagers, and transforming them into professionally trained loaders, packers & computer operators especially for logistics industry. This institute, which is an extension of the training school in Hisar, has now been shifted to DUDU due to the surge in the requirement for truck drivers.

This institute not only provides theoretical classes and practical training of driving to the drivers, but also gives motivational & behavioral classes. These well-trained and expert drivers are then offered jobs in Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd., and are also assisted in finding jobs in other organizations, if they have an interest to do so.The scope of training covers areas like maintenance of trucks, following traffic rules and to handle any unforeseen situations like accidents, vehicle and goods' theft, etc. The training is for 3 months, and during these 3 months, they are exposed and trained on all aspects and verticals of driving at a very affordable and concessional cost.

Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd
AIDS & HIV Awareness Camp
Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd
Free Medical Check-ups For Drivers & Employees

Regular medical check-ups awareness and counseling camps are organized for various diseases including AIDS/ HIV and other health related issues.

Specially abled persons- Divyangs are an inspiration:
APML has always been a trendsetter and has believed in the upliftment of society, even by stretching that extra mile. We have the best of professionals working with us who are capable of handling any kind of team member working in their teams even having different set of capabilities and talent. There are some employees who are differently abled and we as an organization have recognized their special skills despite their lacking on the normal abilities any person carries and they have been optimally utilized by placing them in the right kind of job and now they are self -reliant & independent.Most importantly they are extremely happy to be part of the APML Team & are proudly enjoying the work they are doing and are always ready to learn the new things for making them a better person & professional.


Mr. Manish Kumar Singh and Mr. Randheer Kumar Singhare the shining stars and possess special skills despite being unable to Hear & Speak

Women Empowerment & Leadership
APML has always been unbiased on the basis of Gender and has a firm belief in Women Power.We believe that women at large can contribute a lot in the growth of the organization as they are emotionally much stronger than men and hence are more sensitive towards their teams. We have some of the most important functions lead by women in the organization. Safety of Women is always our top priority and is never compromised in any situation. We are always confident that if there is a balance in the Leadership Team of Men & Women, organization would march to the new heights of success in times to come.


The Women Team Members at the helon of APML

Saving of Resources Saving of Resources The theme of "conservation of natural resources" is seamlessly blended into our ways of thinking, planning and working. We strive on saving fuel by choosing the shortest routes to the destination point and taking maximum advantage of shared transportation. We, thus, came up with a revolutionary concept of transportation via our humongous specially-designed Household Carriers, which allow two consignments' transportation at a time to the destination place. Our drivers are trained in such a way that they use the minimum required oil while driving the trucks, so that we do not waste the natural resources in any possible way.

Usage of "Trendy Bags" (made from artificial fabric) in Packing

Our strategy, since the beginning, has been revolving around the maximum conservation of resources; that is why we are making use of Trendy Bags and Fabric Sheets (made of artificial fabric cloth) in the Packing process, our other researched outcomes. These packing materials are robust and can be used and reused a number of times and save the cost by 26% while upraising the quality by 260%. That is how, we ensure that the use of paper is kept at minimum while executing the Packing stage.

Go Green - Save Our Planet Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd The company has taken numerous steps towards "Green Revolution". We have been encouraging our employees to plant trees everywhere for preventing pollution and the problem of "Global Warming".

Mr. Azad Verma (Director),
Planting Trees to Promote Green Revolution

Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd
Interviews Being Conducted At Tihar Jail

Special RecruitmentWe are an equal opportunity employer, and irrespective of gender, caste and creed biases, encourage people from all parts of society, and believe in eradicating crime by giving an opportunity to prisoners of Tihar to rehabilitate them in society and live a respectable life.

We proudly claim of having a successful employment record of such recruitment, and continue to be a part of 'Tihar's Campus Recruitment Drives' conducted regularly by Jail Authorities.

Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd Recruitment of Ex-Defense personnel
We strongly believe that discipline learnt and practised throughout their career with defense services, the ex-servicemen contribute to a great extent in delivering maximum benefits to the society and the organization. So, we regularly participate in 'Placement Drives' organized by Defense Services Placement Cell, and are being benefited by their dedication towards work and organization.
Volunteering and Contribution Programs

We at Agarwal Packers and Movers Limited feel that it is our responsibility to come ahead at once for the society in trouble or undergoing pain, to provide the real-time assistance and help. At the time of 2013 Uttarakhand disaster, we, as the APML family, extended our helping hand to offer contributions and relief to the disaster-stricken areas and the victims and their families. We always understood our social responsibilities as a Corporate and offered our Carriers and team members to assist the people who were trapped in the flood-affected regions of the state. We sent our trucks with life-saving materials like food, medicines, drinking water etc. to the people on disaster locations in Uttarakhand to save the precious lives. As it was not possible for everyone to go there and help them, so we provided free and consolidated logistic support to those individuals who wanted to contribute relief materials as the help to the sufferers. Moreover, we are always on the heels of the calamitous events such as Haryana and Orissa floods, which are recurrent year by year and pose a lot of disturbances and threats to many lives, in order to provide relief and support as much as we can and whenever the need arises.

Also, whenever our country faced an alarming situation after the terrifying terrorist attacks or any depressing activities, we have felt it as our prime duty to provide our services to the country and to all our brothers and sisters affected by such attack. Thence, post 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, we offered our free-of-cost services to move the household goods of the families who suffered the effects of the attacks.

Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd
Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd
Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd provided free Logistics to send relief material to Uttrakhand in 2013 at the time of devastating disaster.
Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd
Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd
APML provided free logistics support by sending trucks to deliver the relief materials initiated by Delhi High Court in a Kerala Flood Relief Fund Camp for the flood sufferers.

Other Responsibilities Undertaken

  • To inculcate the habit of remaining in touch with our traditions and heritage, we promote traditional and rural sports like AKHADA and KUSHTI.
  • Building of temple at Nalwa
  • Frequent "BLOOD DONATION CAMPS" organized, and employees motivated and encouraged to come forward, and donate blood.
  • Free Medical check-ups & Health camps for poor and deprived
Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd
Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd
We are continuously in the service of mankind by successfully organizing the Blood Donation Camp and collecting blood from the volunteer.

Agarwal Packers & 

Movers Ltd
Shri Ramesh Agarwal, Mentor of Agarwal Movers Group- Promoting Education for “Girl Child”
Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd
Promotion of Traditional Sports