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Country/Cultural Guide

What makes a person move to different country leaving his or her native country? This can be the beauty, living style, climate, higher studies or employment opportunities in country etc. Within past few years, a high number of immigrations taking place across the world have been witnessed.

Every country possesses its own culture and living style. In fact, it may be possible that the country you are moving in is totally different in means of language, culture, climate, tradition, living style, cuisine etc from your current country. Whenever you reach a country, you will come to experience different culture. So, whether you are moving to Australia, America, Canada, Singapore, Dubai or any other country, getting the knowledge and thorough study about country will help you in getting settled their easily.

Cultural Diversification –

In matters of culture including language, cuisine, art etc. every country is different from other. For example, you will find Australian culture highly influenced by the Anglo Celtic Western Culture. On other hand Canada has been identified as theory of cultural mosaic with a collection of several regional, aboriginal, and ethnic subcultures. Similarly, with English, Mandarin Chinese and Malay language speaking people, Singapore is the diverse as well as young country.

Currency and cost of living –

Every country differs with regards to currency also. For example, in Switzerland, Swiss franc is used as currency, whereas in Austria, euro is the currency and in Canada, Canadian dollars are used as currency. Cost of living is the major diversification among the countries. Countries like Switzerland, Australia, and Canada possess high cost of living, whereas countries like Russia, Indonesia have the low cost of living.

Employment opportunities –

Employment opportunities can be the major reason for people to move to another country. There are three types of countries: developed countries, developing countries and under-developed countries. Developed countries are economically strong countries that have capability to offer higher employment opportunities. Countries like Norway, Australia, and Germany are developed economies; China, Malaysia and Sri Lanka are developing countries; and Afghanistan, Uganda and Afghanistan are some of the under-developed countries.

Thus, every country has its own features and reasons to attract the expatriates. Before moving to a country, do consider the various facts like climate, cost of living, employment opportunities, property rates and many more.

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