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Household is not always weighed by the value of the goods but with sentiments and emotions attached to it. Hence, while shifting your emotions in form of Goods, the following need to be verified and taken care of to avoid landing your Goods in wrong hands" Click Here" or "unscrupulous elements"

Your household goods are highly valuable & you have lot of sentiments attached with it. So, do not book with anyone believing on phone.
  1. Do not pay cash, pay by cheque only.

  2. On search engines (web) there are so many identical names advertising by paying huge amount just to trap the innocent people.

  3. The moving company should be registered with PF, ESIC, IBA (Indian Banks' Association) & ServiceTax Department (Mandatory).

  4. They should have at least 3 years of Audited Balance sheet with minimum turnover of 10 crores each year.

  5. You may be trapped by JUST DIALING "Click Here" to tally informative agencies because they sell your enquiry! calls on heavy charges to in-competent companies/individuals. Just see their credentials, trust-worthiness and experience.

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