Bank your valuable goods in our well maintained warehouses.

Storage Capacity

APML possess well-maintained and secured warehouses with ample space for the storage of customer's goods for a smooth transition from origin to the destination.

We provide safe storage space to the valuable belongings until these are delivered, our well-managed services are made available for all the places that are supported by our branch/network.

Further, for safekeeping of the goods for a longer duration, we also provide the warehousing services on a fixed rent on monthly/ fortnightly or weekly basis as required by the customers. This provides our customers, ease of reclaiming their consignment as per their time schedules. The secure surroundings of the warehouse from both inside and outside assure clients about complete safety of the shipped products.

Main Storages

Our Main Storage services consists of the following types: 

Home Storage

If you’ve ever searched for a place to store your stuff in your home, let us provide you home storage facility whenever and wherever you want.


Don't bother about storage of your valuable possession at your new destination. APM warehousing services are well established with latest techniques to store your goods safely.

Student Storage

Student storage can be a real hassle! It’s not easy to transport your personal possessions back and forth between home and your college or university, that’s why, APML offers a full range of student storage facility.

Automotive Storage

Here, get your exclusive source for a uniquely tailored and ultra-personal automotive storage service. We offer the both  short and long term storage, protection and maintenance options for car owners providing a highly secure, climate controlled and clean environment.

Office Storage

We offer the world-class office storage services and promise to keep all your office assests undamaged and safe all the times. You can avail our office storage services for both short and long term at economical prices.

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The most convenient way to store your stuff in India



Book APML for Safe Storage

Agarwal Packers and Movers are specialized in offering Storage Services to safeguards the goods of customers.

Book online and we'll deliver your boxes for free.

We come to you with strong, water resistant storage boxes.

How to visualize the different sizes of units for storage?

Unit sizes depend on quantity and availability.

Do you charge any extra cost as per the number of goods in a box?

No, you only have to pay for your box.


Pack the boxes and schedule your pickup date and time.

Save time, hassle and money by letting us do all the work.

Who will do the packing? Do we have to do it on our own?

Pack your stuff as per your convenience or we will do that for you. 

How many days before do we have to schedule the pickup date and time?

You’ll have your slot available of date and time till a day before your pickup.



Schedule your return when needed back.

We'll get it back to you in under 48 hours subject to availability.

What are the date and time slots available for retrieving our goods?

All the goods can be retrieved as per your convenience or depends upon delivery comfort.

Do we have to move out on our own or you will deliver it at our destination?

Move out as per your convenience or we will do it for you at your door step.


We safely transport and store your stuff.

Our secure facilities ensure your belongings are in the safest of hands.

Do we have to drop our stuff at your storage or you will pick up from our door step?

You can choose as per your convenience, whether drop it on your own or we will do it for you.

What are your key securities for storing our stuff?

Secured units, with dedicated security guards, CCTV and alarmed units, with proper pest control management.



The most convenient way to store your stuff in India


Dedicated security guards. CCTV camera on entry/exit points. And controlled access to storage area.


An element of inventory management includes storage of inventory, and controlling the amount of product for sale.


All the goods are stored safely and can be retrieved as and when required. We will deliver them back without any fuss.

Packing Tips

The most convenient way to store your stuff in India

Choose the right size boxes -

If you are choosing small boxes for big and heavy items and large boxes for small and light weight items, then you are doing wrong as choose your boxes as per your stuff and goods would be kept in a box.

Pack Your Boxes the Right Amount -

Packed boxes should not weigh more than you can comfortably lift. Make sure the boxes do not bulge at the top or sides in order to keep them stable when stacking in your storage unit. However, it’s important not to under pack boxes either. The contents of a half-empty box can shift while transporting and become crushed under the weight of heavier boxes, so it’s requested to not under pack either over pack your boxes.

Label Your Boxes -

Use a black marker or a tape to label the contents of each box. This will save you from having to open every box as and when you need something later. It will help you figure out what box you need first and what not. Also, definitely mark those boxes that need to be handled with utmost care — especially items like glassware, crockery or fragile items, that can easily be damaged while transportation or when moving into your storage unit.

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