We put in our efforts and expertise to bring an effective solution for protection of delicate items. This asset guarantees 100% safety of belongings to our customers.

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We are innovative enough to safeguard
your goods.

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Sturdy Tamper Proof Box

APML have evolved novel concept to make your life easier, less wasteful and secured. With the invention of this concept, moving of your delicate goods is safely done in a strongly structured box that we have named as the Perfect Box.

These boxes have an edge over cartons as they are more robust, durable and are capable to damp shock impulses too. The items accommodated in these boxes sit snugly in it and are completely safe from external damages.

The walls of the box are water resistant and its lid act as a perfect sealing cover. It is completely tamper proof, sealed with lock and stickered with serial number that is signed by party for authentication at the destination. 

Our invention has contributed towards environment safety as we save 200+ trees every year by replacing the usage of Wooden Boxes. 

We Are trusted By Many

Owing to the diligence and efficacy in packing and moving domain, APML has become the most trusted brand in the logistics, serving the customer with zeal and efforts.

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