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Why Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. ?

19. "My household goods were loaded on a truck in Noida and when the consignment reached Kottayam, I found out the truck to be different than the one on which my goods were loaded initially. Moreover, to my utter dismay, my belongings were transported all the way through on being placed over the heavy steel rods. And that was not it! The moving company ceased the journey 500 yards away from my home at the destination place, and then from there I was asked to arrange the labor myself so as to take the goods to my new home, and, damn, spent 18000 bucks more to get it all done. Worst experience of my life!"
- Mrs. Lata, Kottayam, shifted through Leo International Movers

- This was really a bad experience Mrs. Lata went through! But Mrs. Lata hired a local moving company for the interstate transportation. One must check the credentials, network, resources, and, foremost, the brand's footing before entrusting the movement's task to a company. We are the only reliable moving company in India that has been working with an aid of a well-spread network, which is covering the entire country, and supported team of professionals who are working day and night to give individual attention to each customer. We take pride in declaring that none of our customers has gone through such kind of bad experiences.

20. "Even after the full & final payment was done, I was charged extra before unloading could be done at my place. What kind of a deal was it?"
- Ms. Sukanya, Trichy, shifted through Geeta Movers-

- Well, sorry to hear that! Although this is really being practised but, we are not one of such cheap companies. What is once quoted, we charge only that amount for end-to-end movement and support! Even if situations appear in the way that the movement of consignment's worth comes out to be more than what we quoted initially, we would not ask anything over the once-quoted amount from you. Moreover, once payment is made, we update our software which notifies all our employees all over India that the so-and-so customer has done the payment.

21. "Even after hiring an Auto Transporter, I found my car was recklessly driven. They removed the kilometer wire, and also exhausted the 50-liters-filled petrol tank. Did I hire the Auto Transporter for all the wear and tear on my car?"
- Mr. N Ashokan, NTPC, Shillong, Assam, shifted through Local mover

- Oops! We would not let this happen to your valuable car in any case. Our Car Transportation services are one of the best services in the whole industry. We perform it in the way that will not let your car driven at any stage after being installed on the ramps of our Car Carriers. To assure you of our commitments, we seal pack your keys in a Key Pouch and will break the seal in front of you only at the destination place.

22. "Packers & Movers promised us to provide enough packing material for safe packaging, but, in reality, half of the goods were wrapped for the sake of wrapping in a single layer. At the time of loading only, the packaging was torn and the goods were seen bare. Is this the way?"
- Ms. Sapna, MTNL, Delhi, shifted through New Agarwal Express Movers

- Of course this is not the way. However, we are committed to deliver what we promise. Our packing techniques give painstaking attention to details and characteristics of the goods under consideration. We make use of researched and world-class packing materials, including Hard Card Board Sheet, Canvas Books Bag, Card Board Carton Box, etc., to cocoon pack your goods.

23. "Last time when I moved, I hired a moving company - South India State Mover that charged me on the basis of 12% Service Tax, but later I discovered that it was actually 3.09% only and that they tricked me. How much your company is going to charge me against service tax?"
- Mr. Vivek Gupta, Reliance Industries Ltd., New Delhi.

- As a matter of fact, the service tax is only 3.09%. And our company will charge you 3.09% service tax only. We don't bloat amount in whatever case because we believe in fair dealings.

24. "I am really concerned with the safety of my expensive and delicate crockery collection during the movement. How would you assure me the same?"
- Mr. Vipin Roy, Dell India, Mumbai

- We have sorted this concern of our customers by housing the fragile, delicate items in our strongly-structured box, named "CARD BOARD CARTON BOX". These boxes are robust, durable and are capable to tolerate any shock impulses. Your high-end, delicate crockery will be made to sit comfortably in it, and the boxes protect the items in it from external harms. Also, these boxes are sealed with your signatures so that no "tampering" is done at any stage.

Crockery Packing
{short description of image}
Japanese Carton Box

25. "I possess one of the most refined and expensive furniture made up of Teak. I really want to know how expertly you are going to move it."
- Mr. S. Gautam, SAMSUNG INDIA, Noida
- Our Hard Card Board Sheet come to serve you the best of its abilities here. These Sheets are shock-absorbent, durable, water-resistant, and moreover, the internal lining of these Sheets is made of foam so that when it is made to cover the furniture, it creates a cushiony & soft embrace around your expensive furniture.
Fabric Sheets
Hard Card Board Sheet

26. "It was very shocking to see while opening the gate of the container vehicle that the box loaded on the top fell down, and caused casualty to labour and also damages to goods. How will you address this?"
- Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Sriram Group, Gurgaon, moved from Gurgaon to Hyderabad through Ashoka Movers,
- It happens many times. But, we at APML have adopted a professional solution. All the vehicles of ours have got safety belts at the end of truck before the "door". These belts hold the goods inside the door.

Safety Belts
Safety Belts

27. "How do I track my movement of Household Goods? Will I have to call the driver?"
- Mr. Jaswinder Singh, Management Professional, New Delhi
- There is no need to interact with driver. You can track your consignment whenever you need using GPS facility embedded within our carriers as well as we have 24*7 customer care assistance to answer your all queries related with your consignment.

28. "What if I have any grievance or wish to write my comments?"
- Ms. Twinke, Media Advisor, Raipur
- We at APML have a unique service in the form of "Customer Feedback Form", wherein you can pen your comments. You can also send comments on our website - www.agarwalpackers.com as well as on any of our toll-free numbers.

29. "During the packing process, there is possibility of many persons moving in and out and may obstruct some persons' free movement. Do you have a method to address this? Also, there are some items that need to be handled with care?"
- Mr. Arwind Gupta, IAS, APEDA, New Delhi
- Yes, good question! We take care of all aspects. To illustrate, we put a sign of "Caution" at the entrance in order to notify all our employees about packing in progress. Also, "Handle with Care" stickers are put on sensitive and fragile items. In addition, our Supervisor keeps an eye on everyone so that packing operations take place seamlessly, and thereby, ensuring that all aspects are taken care of.
{short description of image}
Work in Progress Stand
Caution Stand - Work in Progress

30. "How are APML's drivers and workers identified? Is there different identification?"
- Colonel GCM Rao, Artillery, Mhow
- Yes, all our drivers and workers execute their services accoutered with the company's identity cards and dressed in the company's uniform (typically blue or red colour, or could be any other identifiable colour jackets) with APML logo. We insist our clients to check the identity cards that our workers carry.
{short description of image}
Safety Jackets
Safety Jackets

31. "Dealing with temporary or day-wage laborers, who create a lot of nuisance and are notorious for their misbehavior, is not my cup of tea. And I have heard that some of the moving companies hire these workers."
- Mr. N Agarwal, Chennai
- No way! This is the only reason why Agarwal is considered. Our workers are professionally trained and certified by our own training institute. They get proper instructions and are driven to abide by the mode of conduct.

We have only one concern - "You"- who attach innumerable sentiments to your belongings. That is why; we prefer to go the extra mile for strengthening the bond which we share with you. We ensure that your moving experience is as rewarding as ever with us. Furthermore, we have been supported by a number of self-owned and specially-designed carriers, top-line resources, boastful network, and are equipped with everything what it takes to maximize the level of satisfaction to the desirable state. Besides, we manage to conjure up the set objectives by our prudent approach, and we believe to imprint in our customer's mind, a wow feeling that brings them back as often as not.

We provide friendly, good-value services that get the nod from all our clients and customers every time they re-approach us. Our moving services take care of all the factors, namely safety, timeliness as well as the specific needs of the customers. We invest our energies to innovate and improve our moving services at frequent intervals. We have been doing a lot of research and development to come up with out-of-box solutions to all your moving problems. We have introduced some concepts that we identify as our USPs including Hard Card Board Sheet, Trolleys for Safe Carriage, Cage for Pets and Plant Carriers, Car Carrier, Home Storage, Warehouses, Japanese Carton Box, Canvas Books Bag, Trucking Cube, Double-Door Home Carriers, to name just a few.

Although, there are numbers of fraud companies making business in our name and degrading our goodwill, so we are working in full swing to clear this mess, and to save you from being a victim of such a fraud company. So, arrange your stuffs, and for a stress-free and hassle-free moving experience, choose the genuine - us!

Reach us at 9 300 300 300, 098 6001 5001 for wonderful moving experience!

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