APML Virtual Warehouse

A Unique Concept of Virtual Warehouse Post GST

The above visual is one of our Virtual Warehouse in Mumbai where you can explore every nook and corner. The environment of our setup is highly-supervised where your goods are stored with complete safety.


  • Are you worried about the management of excess inventory?
    No worries! Rely on us for a hassle free management of inventory at optimal cost.

  • Why pay for warehouse space more than you actually require?
    Pay per trucking cube wise/space wise, i.e. pay only for the space you utilise.

  • Why pay advance deposit/security deposit for warehouse?
    No need for any advance deposit.

  • Why pay for a whole year, while occupying it for a few months?
    Through Trucking Cube* Model wise price is 70% less than normal sq.ft. wise space.

  • Why pay for overheads like Security, Electricity etc. for maintenance of covered warehouses?
    No need to incur extra maintenance charges with our exclusive concept called Virtual Warehouse.

  • Why indulge into unnecessary legal contracts, due diligence & legal fees?
    No legal contracts, due diligence & legal fees.

  • Why pay extra for handling of goods?
    Facilitate movement of stock from storage space to desired destination avoiding unloading reloading charges.

*For Trucking Cube, refer to Trucking Cube dimensions

After GST is implemented, our Trucking Cube will have great value as far as storage and warehousing is concerned. To avoid CST, earlier companies used to have several smaller warehouses at the state level. But in a uniform tax regime that will be not required. With Cube as a solution, we can offer the big companies the Virtual Warehousing Solution. They can just continue with their regional distribution centers (RDCs)/ Fulfillment centers (F.C) to deal with their clients while their goods can remain parked with us in cubes in our stock yards.

Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd


  • RFID Reader

  • Highly Economical

  • Security (24 X 7)

  • Cubes of Different Sizes

  • Well Managed

  • 22nd Century Concept in Existence

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